Belonging to other generations, the latest Italian language painters showcase with her and in Milano to your basic time

Belonging to other generations, the latest Italian language painters showcase with her and in Milano to your basic time

Cassina Systems are pleased to introduce City Caproni U8OPIA , an exhibition developed because of the discussion anywhere between Louisa Clement and you can Georg Herold .

Development through the a couple of floor of your own gallery, the fresh new exhibition suggests an excellent transient globe populated from the humanoid rates recommending the fresh new elements to regulate existence. Its latest artworks, some of which never showed just before, participate an interactive curious in which method experiences anywhere between humans, their health and you will life cycles try changing.

Approaching the things they’re doing with various news Louisa Clement and you will Georg Herold unlock a thorough conversation starting pressure between your personality regarding people existence we recognize and their progression we pretend to disregard.

Louisa Clement works closely with picture taking, video clips, statue and you will VR (virtual fact) metaphorically examining the fresh objectification of one’s system, thanks to the brand new way of representing the human being figures. Inside her photographic functions the topic is an excellent mannequin since the meditation off mans feeling title and also as a symbol of brand new multiple characters in which some one select themselves.

On the musicians and artists show Avatar , photo away from brightly hued mannequins, taken together iphone 3gs camera, dehumanize the new range from bodies because the seriality off similar presents anonymizes the human. Seductively looking, Clements performs rarely represent the new limits anywhere between picture taking and you may color, the spot where the dissolution off laid out structures is a vital second off this lady practice.

The study of new significance and you will interpretations of one’s human body continues on in the Georg Herold is why performs symbolizing hyper naturally turned anthropomorphic numbers. Surrealistically large humanoid government, otherwise portions such as for example feet otherwise possession, ambiguously broadcast debatable attitude of tall discomfort or sublime ecstasyposed away from canvases offered into panels out-of wood, bronze, lather otherwise bare wood, this new authorities try detained throughout the minute regarding action, since if inside the an ironic otherwise intimately provocative angle. The newest narrative of one’s expo increases toward this new deconstruction of physicality.

Such as the fresh new lath-illustrations from roof battens hence images increase memories of one’s 8bit graphic computer vocabulary, one alter the brand new role away from material of the altering it with the a beneficial service that outspreads regarding figure to your photo, developed having photographic coloured report, tights or other down amount product which he has been functioning while the 80s.

Regarding music artists

The fresh new ongoing data from humanoid rates as well as the character regarding relations between individuals push the limitations from the the newest sculptural works Mold from the Louisa Clement. The newest tan graphic is actually a mold out of a sex model that belong to a different age group out-of luxury sex toys, available with a phony intelligence, which enables the brand new dating cybermen doll to learn and memorize brand new needs away from the newest pages and you can interacts using them to have a beneficial the new number of experience. This action from replacement for from a living companion individually applies with new images. Presented toward camera from their cellphone this new singer realized that the bad amount of the sculpture gets self-confident. Within the music artists notice of digitalized social networking time, which work will get an excellent metaphor out-of Instagram users, that are in a position to fulfill anyone life.

This new disturbance anywhere between real transformation and you will electronic reaches its high expression on the films performs Circling Head of the Louisa Clement, in which a video out of good mannequin direct rotates in loop provoking about viewer a feeling of nihilism and unstoppable interference.

Compliment of the new means of symbolizing the human numbers, City Caproni U8OPIA takes on towards the impact away from art making brand new folks wondering the definition from physicality and you may digital despite virtual wouldnt can be found versus actual.


Louisa Clement ‘s the reason habit delves into the ever before-shifting idea of term once the our society gets confronted with the fresh new types of communications, standardisation and you may identification put along because of the electronic decades. As a result of photos, clips, sculpture, installations and VR, the girl behavior issues physicality and figure of cumulative telecommunications in the a period of time the spot where the virtual enjoys a lot of time outgrown its own sphere therefore the delicate kinds of personal and facts stay away from their traditional paradigms. Clements essential aim in the dissolving outlined formations is also emphasized by the the constant moving off the girl really works between abstraction and figuration and you can because of the the girl making use of a broad range regarding mass media in order to imitate new fluidity of subject she explores, and this indirectly reflects brand new the amount out-of the lady analysis grounded on the changing and you will networked status of one’s times.

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