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When Spirits Roamed

Francis X. Hezel S.J.


Youth Today: How Can We Help?

Francis X. Hezel S.J.


Micronesian Counselors

Spiritual Abuse

Francis X. Hezel S.J.

A clergyman reports on how church leaders can take advantage of their flock.


Path to Heaven

Francis X. Hezel S.J.

Personal reflection on how the church and its mission has changed during a lifetime.

March 22, 2023 RELIGION

The Church in Micronesia

Francis X. Hezel S.J.

A brief history of the integration of Christian churches into island cultures, highlighting the changes on both in the course of this process.


Micsem Discussion

Faith, Culture and Democracy in Truk

Francis X. Hezel S.J.

Discussion of the fit between democracy and traditional authority in Chuuk, and how the church can help mediate.


Population Pressure and The Church's Response

Francis X. Hezel S.J.

Does rapid population growth in Chuuk warrant a serious attempt to limit family size?



When Cultures Clash: Revisiting the ‘Spanish-Chamorro Wars’

Francis X. Hezel, SJ

The arrival of Spanish missionaries to the Marianas in 1668 was a first in Pacific Island history; it signaled the beginning of intense Western presence in the islands. The troubled years that followed, marked by intermittent outbreaks of violence, came to be known as the “Spanish-Chamorro Wars.” According to the standard textbooks, this thirty-year period was one of utter devastation–forced conversion, rapid cultural change, precipitous population decline, and loss of Chamorro identity. Or was it? This book seeks to offer a better grounded and more nuanced understanding of this critical period of initial Western contact in the Pacific.

Saipan: Northern Marianas Humanities Council. 99pp.March 22, 2023 HISTORY RELIGION

The Caroline Islands: History of the Diocese

Francis X. Hezel, SJ

The history of the diocese is a journey from the first Catholic evangelization of the Carolines in the late nineteenth century up to the present day. It is a celebration of the growth of a church that has by now developed island cultural roots even as it has been brought under the leadership of Micronesians. The text is supplemented by many historical photos and a section on each of the parishes in the diocese.


Summoning the Powers Beyond

Jay Dobbin with Francis X. Hezel, SJ

What was island religion like before the coming of Christianity?  Drawing on all the sources available, this book reconstructs the old religions of re-modern Micronesia. It offers a chapter on the religious beliefs and practices of each part of Micronesia, emphasizing what is unique to that particular island group and what is shared with other places. The summary provides an overview of elements of religion that are found throughout the entire region.

March 22, 2023 RELIGION

The Catholic Church in Micronesia

By Francis X. Hezel, SJ

A simply told story of the founding and growth of the Catholic Church in each island group, with lists of missionary personnel, local clergy, and parish churches appended. This book was prepared for the centennial of the church in each island group.

March 22, 2023 Books HISTORY RELIGION


Christianity in Micronesia: The Interplay between Church and Culture

Tom Frink

An overview of what Christianity has brought to the islands

In Charles E. Farhadian, Introducing World Christianity. London, Blackwell Press, 2012. 230-243.March 22, 2023 CULTURAL RELIGION

Christianity and Violence in the Pacific

Francis X. Hezel S.J.

Weighs whether Christianity in the Pacific has contributed to or diminished violence in the islands.

Christianity and Violence in the Pacific. (In Desiderio Parrilla, La Violencia del Amor.  Madrid: Lectio, 2012)  Weighs whether Christianity in the Pacific has contributed to or diminished violence in the islands.  


Religion in the Marshall Islands

Francis X. Hezel S.J.

A brief review of the main features of religious practice and belief in the Marshalls from traditional to modern times.

Unpublished.March 22, 2023 RELIGION

Indigenization as a Missionary Goal in the Caroline-Marshall Islands

Francis X. Hezel S.J.

Traces the route to inculturation for Protestant and Catholic churches.

Mission, Church, and Sect in Oceania, Edited by James Boutilier, et. al., Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1978: 251-273. March 22, 1978 RELIGION

Spanish Capuchins in the Carolines

Francis X. Hezel S.J.

A history of mission efforts by the Spanish Capuchins from 1885 to the end of the 19th century.

Micronesian Reporter, Vol. 19, No. 2, 1971: 32-40; No. 3, 1971: 36-42. March 22, 1971 RELIGION

Self-support of Programs and Institutions of the Catholic Church

Francis X. Hezel S.J.

Self-support by local people of their church may increase their self-esteem.

Unpublished. 1971

March 22, 1971 RELIGION

Catholic Missions in the Carolines and Marshall Islands

Francis X. Hezel S.J.

A historical and bibliographic survey of the Catholic missions in Micronesia.

Journal of Pacific History, 5 (1970), 213-227. March 22, 1970 RELIGION

Micronesian Seminar: 25 Years

Francis X. Hezel S.J.

Description of MicSem, its mission, and its accomplishments.

Unpublished. 1996. March 22, 1999 RELIGION

Congeries of Spirits

Francis X. Hezel S.J.

Essay on the pre-christian religions in Micronesia.

Introductory essay in Micronesian Religion and Lore: A Guide to Sources, 1526-1990, Edited by Douglas Haynes and William Wuerch, Westport, Connectincut: Greenwood Press, 1995: 1-11. March 22, 1995 RELIGION

The Church in Micronesia

Francis X. Hezel S.J.

Historical sketch of the Jesuit mission through the 20th century.

America 18 February 1995: 23-24.March 22, 1995 RELIGION

When the Wind Blows, the Islands will Rock

Francis X. Hezel S.J.

A critical look at the new religious movements in the Pacific.

An Essay in Response to Manfred Ernst Winds of Change." (Suva: PCC, 1994). Unpublished. 29 August 1994 March 22, 1994 RELIGION

Serving the Poor in Micronesia: One Approach

Francis X. Hezel S.J.

The church’s mission of working with the poor sometimes involves public education.

Unpublished. 23 December 1987 March 22, 1987 RELIGION

Historical Sketch of the Caroline-Marshall Mission of the New York Province

Francis X. Hezel S.J.

Brief history of the Jesuit mission in Micronesia from the end of World War II.

Jesuits Yearbook 1986, Rome: Socio Grafica Romana, 1985: 52-55. March 22, 1986 RELIGION

Jesuit Martyrs in Micronesia

Francis X. Hezel S.J.

Account of the deaths of the 20 Jesuits who were killed in the course of their missionary work in the islands.

Unpublished. 1983.March 22, 1983 RELIGION

Integration of Catholicism into Guam and its People

Francis X. Hezel S.J.

Brief look at the assimilation of Spanish Catholicism and Chamorro culture.

March 22, 2023 RELIGION

Stepping Stones to Somewhere Else

Francis X. Hezel S.J.

Brief description of the social and political context of the church’s work in the islands.

Unpublished. 2001March 22, 2023 RELIGION

German Catholic Missions in Micronesia

Francis X. Hezel S.J.

German Capuchins in the Carolines and Missionaries of the Sacred Heart in the Marshalls and their contributions.

Edited by Hermann Hiery, Handbuch der deutschen Sudsee, Paderborn, Munchen: Die Deutsche Bibliothek, 2001: 558-603. March 22, 2023 RELIGION

A Life at the Edge of the World

Francis X. Hezel S.J.

American Jesuits in Micronesia and their mission as seen by one Jesuit.

Studies in the Spirituality of Jesuits Vol. 41, No. 4, Winter.March 22, 2023 RELIGION