Beneath Paradise (Domestic Violence)

Roundtable discussion on child abuse and spouse abuse in Micronesia examining the social changes that may be increasing the problem. Features William Eperiam, Joshua Phillip, and Tina Takeshy.

Women’s Changing Role in micronesia

A look at how the traditional roles of women, once very important, have changed. Special emphasis on Chuuk and Yap outer islands, but with application across Micronesia.

Hitting Hard: Family Violence

When family arguments come to blows, where can women run for protection?  Parents and relatives can't help when they live so far apart, and legislation and police fail time and time again to stop the beatings. This video explores the differences between protections from violence in the past and present through the stories of two families, …

Can We Talk, Mom?

Modern families in town can be very busy, with the parents rushing home from work and out again to attend community meetings or social events. Meanwhile, the teenage kids have lives of their own, sometimes living far from the scrutiny of their parents. The modern home can be a lot like a bus station or …

A Woman’s Work Never Ends

In Micronesia, a woman's day-to-day life has always been busy. With social responsibilities and a family to take care of, how could it not be? But until recent times, a woman has always had plenty of others around to help share the load. Men did much of the food-collection and heavy labor while sisters, cousins …