After the Compact, What Then?

Roundtable discussion garnished with interviews on what will happen to Micronesia at the end of the 15 year Compact of Free Association in the year 2001. Features Resio Moses, William Iriarte and Alex Panuelo.

It’s My Own Land, Isn’t It?

In the minds of most Micronesians, land is a family possession.  The government may make its laws, regulate traffic, impose taxes, but it has no right to dictate how individuals or families should use their land.   At least that's the feeling among most Micronesians today.  This video holds this belief up to the light.  In the first of …

FSM: The US Pacific Outpost

A brief overview of US relations with Micronesia over the years.  Focused on the FSM, this documentary surveys problems of development in the islands.

The Upside Down Economy

A Micronesian leader once compared the FSM economy to a turtle on its back, its feet kicking in the air, but going nowhere.  For years the economy in the islands has been upside down.  The foreign subsidies that supported an expensive government structure has, in turn, created a small private sector consisting of service industries.  This video explores …