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A Walk Through The Past I
A Walk Through The Past I A Walk Through The Past I A Walk Through The Past I
The first three of these ten-minute video segments depict what Earopeans thought they saw when they began regular visits to the islands in the early 1800s, what life was like in the islands a century later (about 1900), and the different forms of religious expression that people employed. The next cluster of video segments offers a glimpse of the islands under colonial rule. "Agana on the Rise" shows the development of the largest colonial town over a century of Spanish and American rule. The next two segments present aspects of German rule and tell a story of the Sokehs Rebellion on Pohnpei. The last three segments show the beginnings of the Japanese era and go on to depict the rise of town centers and the rapid growth of industry during the 1930s.
Island Topics #70
Running Time 96:29
Production Year 2010
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