MicSem Publications

Over Seas and Time: A Micronesian History Texbook

  • Francis X. Hezel S.J.
  • Pohnpei: FSM Department of Education, 2010. 506 pp. 2010. EDUCATION HISTORY

The Federated States of Micronesia is made up of hundreds of small islands, and each has a unique culture and history. This textbook does not attempt to provide the history of each island or each culture. Instead, it tries to highlight the similarities and shared experiences of all islanders who call Micronesia their home.

The textbook introduces students to the way in which the islands were formed and how the earliest people discovered and settled on them. It goes on to explore the earliest contacts between islanders and outsiders and the importance of the new technologies that were introduced at that time. Some of the foreigners who arrived at that time–whalers, missionaries and traders–made their home in the islands and exercised an even deeper influence on island life. Throughout the century of colonial rule, the islands were subject to even deeper and more lasting changes. Finally, the book looks at how Micronesians established an independent nation of islands, a nation that is young and has been shaped by people and events over time.

The textbook includes numerous illustrations as well as a review section, which includes vocabulary words and review questions, at the end of each chapter.