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I’ll See You in Court

2001 (32:28 mins) Island Topics #31 JUSTICE & LAW

The show begins: "The citizens of this new nation abide by a modern democratic legal system which was set up when independence was proclaimed in 1979; a system which very closely mirrors the American legal system.It is no surprise that this newer system is, for many Micronesians, mysterious and confusing. Today we will take a look at our modern judicial system and try and understand how it works, in this episode of "I'll See You in Court".   This thirty-minute drama, a courtroom spoof based on "Court TV" shows, lets the audience into the inner workings of the court system.  The two episodes dramatize a civil case and a criminal case.  The bumbling Ronnie John and his brother battle out their cases in both of these episodes of "I'll See you in Court".

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