MicSem Special Features

Special Features

Diabetes Awareness

Diabetes is one of the greatest health threats to the islands. What causes the disease? What are the symptoms? What can we do about it?

Public Schools

Tracks the progress in public education throughout the region–FSM, Palau and the Marshalls. Offers a look at each school and how it’s doing.


Lists the early foreigners who lived in Micronesia during the 19th century and provides background on each.

History of Micronesia

Highlights the materials produced at MicSem on the history of the islands, including the video series, the books and other published materials.

The Catholic Church in Micronesia

A simply told story of the founding and growth of the Catholic Church in each island group, with lists of missionary personnel, local clergy, and parish churches appended. This book was prepared for the centennial of the church in each island group.

MicSem by Category

A listing of all MicSem materials by subject or category heading.