MicSem Media Productions



Micronesian Seminar operated a media studio from 1994 to 2014. During those 20 years it produced over 70 videos for broadcast in its Island Topics series. Since then a few other videos produced by Fr. Francis Hezel have been added here. The videos are all listed with their descriptions and purchase information. They can be downloaded here or viewed in our on-line theater. Some can be purchased in DVD form from the MicSem Library.

In addition to its own productions, The MicSem Library also houses about 800 videos in its resource center. These include historical footage, newsreel footage from World War II, television shows produced on the islands, and videos of special events.


The MicSem Online Photo Album Collection includes 31 albums on historical themes. Many of these are also available for online viewing as videos.

The MicSem Library also maintains a collection of 82,000 photos, many of them of historical value, in its own resource center.


MicSem Music Sampler is a single selection of island chants and songs posted here. It offers some idea of the diversity of music in the region.

The MicSem Music Collection currently contains over 22,000 songs, hymns and chants. These musical tracks, added to the resource center, can be searched on line, just as publications, photos and videos can be.

Radio Programs

MicSem has produced radio programs in local languages on several topics. The programs, which range from health issues to the use of land, are archived here.