MicSem Library

MicSem Library

About the Library

The MicSem Library, encompassing 24,400 titles, is one of the best collections on Micronesia anywhere in the world. Aside from its published materials on the area, the library contains locally produced reports. It also contains maps and microfilms in addition to its special collections. The entire library, with all its collections, is housed at Yap Catholic High School in Yap.

Special Collections

Besides its print materials, the MicSem Library has large holdings of visual materials and audio recordings from the islands. The special collections include photos and slides, videos and other moving visual images, and recordings of music of all types.

Recently Published Materials

Each year between 1996 and 2008, MicSem conducted a thorough computer search of books and articles relating to Micronesia, including Guam and the Northern Marianas. The searches were done through several standard databases. This yearly search yielded books, dissertations, theses, and articles, all of which are all listed here.

Catalog Search

To conduct a search of the MicSem library by author, title, subject, or year, click here. Search can also be made of MicSem’s photos, videos and music. For information on how to acquire copies of articles or other materials, contact [email protected]