MicSem Media Productions

Each of the MicSem music albums offer a look backward at Micronesia as it was yesterday. Whether recorded last year or fifty years ago, each song is a walk through the past, as heard through music rather than through photographs or written text. The Micronesian Music Sampler Album is changed periodically and features music from the MicSem library music collection. The most recent album is listed first, followed by previous albums.

Sounds of Micronesia

The MicSem music collection includes thousands of songs covering a variety of genres and spanning several decades. This album offers a sample of the variety of sounds, both past and present, coming from throughout Micronesia. From church hymns and ancient chants to love songs and original works of music created by Micronesians, the "Sounds of Micronesia" album gives you a taste of what you will find in future MicSem Music Albums.