MicSem Library

About the Library

The MicSem library is a cornerstone of the institution. Presently encompassing 20,580 titles, it is recognized worldwide as one of the best collections on Micronesia. While its special strengths lie in history and anthropology, it is rapidly expanding in other fields such as government, education, social and economic development, and the natural sciences.

Along with historic and contemporary books, the library also contains locally produced reports, educational materials, and journal articles. Current regional periodicals in nearly every field are available.

The collection is enlarged annually due to computer searches of periodicals published around the world for articles on Micronesia.

Besides print materials, the library collection includes maps, microfilm, videos, music, transparencies and photographs on Micronesia and Micronesian history. MicSem is currently engaged in searching out new sources of Micronesian imagery, and is scanning and digitally storing video, still imagery and music.

The library now occupies the entire top floor of the MicSem building, and its resources are used by local residents, students, and visiting scholars. A comfortable reading room is open weekdays during normal working hours. A full time librarian is on staff.

The MicSem website also allows searches of printed material and of special collections via an electronic card catalog online.