MicSem Media Productions

At Home While Away

2015 (55 mins) Island Topics #76 MIGRATION SOCIAL ISSUES

This one-hour video is a presentation of the stories of eight Micronesians who have left the islands to take up life in the US. Five of them are men, three are women. Many live in the Hawaii, but others live in mainland US. A few have spent long years in the US military. Some have gone on to run their own businesses. One or two see their main role as caretakers–of their own families and of their fellow island migrants. All have words of advice to offer others who find themselves living abroad. Yet, in the end, the most important thing these individuals have to share with their island people is their own inspiring story.

Most of these individuals live comfortably in their new home, although not many of them would call themselves well-to-do. If they can be described as success stories, it is not so much because of the money they made or the job responsibilities they bear as their determination to forge strong ties with their new community while cultivating their old bonds with the people back home.

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