MicSem Media Productions

Heart But No Home

2020 (50 mins) Island Topics #74 SOCIAL ISSUES

We see the homeless all around–those people living in the streets, roaming in the paseo and the parks, sleeping under bridges and in garages. They wander around carrying their belongings in a bag. Sometimes in small groups… even families with kids. They number close to a thousand on Guam.  Who are these people? How did they become homeless on an island where everyone is supposed to have a home?

This hour-long video offers an up-close look at the problem: who these people are, where they are from, how they spend their day, where they find friends, and what brought them to the streets in the first place. The homeless share their own stories on why they no longer have a home. But we hear from care-givers as well about their personal satisfactions and frustrations in trying to aid the homeless.

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