MicSem Media Productions

Islands of Excellence

2001 (48:28 mins) Island Topics #27 EDUCATION

If education in Micronesia is sometimes presented as a "sea of mediocrity", then the schools highlighted in this documentary stand as islands of excellence in that sea.   Join us as we take a tour through every part of Micronesia and visit some of the best public elementary schools to uncover their success stories.   The trail begins with Pohnpei, where Seinwar Elementary School is showcased, and continues to Likiep, an isolated atoll in the Marshall Islands.   The video then goes on to show Peleliu Elementary in Palau, Maap and Dalipebinaw Elementary schools in Yap, Mechitiw Elementary in Chuuk.  The video concludes with a look at Koror Elementary in Palau, and Lelu Elementary in Kosrae.  What makes these schools outstanding? The video suggests community support and strong leadership.

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