MicSem Media Productions

The Legend of Bill: From Birth to Law

2001 (30:07 mins) Island Topics #30 GOVERNMENT JUSTICE & LAW

In the FSM, how are Congressional Bills developed?  How does a bill become a law?  What happens to laws once they are made?  This video illustrates this process by following "Bill" through his lifetime.  Journey with Bill back in time to learn about the history of the FSM legal system and then walk with Bill through the process of his birth and development as a congressional bill.  His visits to Congress, a Committee, a Public Hearing and the President's Office map exactly what a bill must go through to become a law.  But his story doesn't end there.  As a law in the FSM Supreme Court, Bill develops and matures as a judge makes precedents from court cases using his law.  This educational video is entertaining to watch and can be enjoyed in the classroom or at home.

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