MicSem Media Productions

You Are Not Alone

2008 (34:00 mins) Island Topics #61 JUSTICE & LAW SOCIAL ISSUES

Any number of people will tell you that rape and sexual violence are not problems in the islands. Why resort to force, they argue, when opportunities for sexual satisfaction are to be found everywhere one looks. In this video a dozen people of various backgrounds share theirs stories on sexual violence. Although told in such a way as to protect the identity of the victims and the offenders, the stories leave no doubt that sexual coercion, sometimes outright rape, does happen. Not only to outsiders and those without anyone to protect them, but even to those who believed themselves secure. The range of sad tales includes rape at gunpoint, date rape, coercion through authority and incest. Those interviewed offer practical tips on how to avoid dangerous situations, but their strongest advice is for those who have been victims of sexual violence. Don't bear the burden by yourself, they say. Talk to someone about it, and remember that you are not alone.

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