For Weekday Deposit Bonuses, they are available Monday through Thursday

For Weekday Deposit Bonuses, they are available Monday through Thursday

Other Bonuses

After you claim the Welcome No Deposit Bonus and 100% Welcome Match Bonus, there are other bonus offers from Lincoln Casino to boost your playing amount, giving you a bigger playing balance for a chance to win more.

If you haven’t finished your first 5 deposits yet, we recommend still claiming the 100% Welcome Match Bonus, before moving onto these additional bonuses.

Weekday Deposit Bonuses

No coupon code is required to claim these bonuses, simply best online slots canada make the minimum deposit requirement of $100 then select the offer from the “Select Your Bonus” section. There is a 100% Match Bonus and 50% Match Bonus that is available for each of these days.

100% Match Bonus

When your first deposit for the day – Monday – Thursday, offer resets daily – is at least $100 you have the option to claim the 100% Match Bonus, up to a $200 bonus. Offer resets daily.

To claim this must be your first deposit for the listed weekdays and you must make a deposit of at least $100. Then select the offer from the “Select Your Bonus” section during the deposit process. No coupon code is needed.

There will be No Cash Out Limit for this offer when you request your payoutbined with the fact the bonus is cash-able, these daily deposit promotions are great offers, if you plan to deposit more than $100.

When you claim the 100% Match Bonus there is a wagering requirement that is 20 times the match bonus received and the deposit you made. If you were to deposit the minimum amount of $100 you would receive a $100 bonus, you would multiply this sum by the 20 times rollover factor. You will get a total wagering requirement of $4000 for your $100 deposit.

When you play slots, the max you can place per wager is $2; for all other allowed games, $10. Remember to only play allowed games, playing non-allowed games like Baccarat, Crap and Roulette will forfeit the bonus and any winning you may have received from the bonus.

If you already made a deposit for the day, you can claim the following deposit bonus. But if you can wait until the following weekday, you can claim this bonus again.

50% Match Bonus

For all additional deposits on the listed weekdays, you will have an offer for a 50% Match Bonus on deposits of at least $50. You can claim the bonus up to $200. Offer resets daily.

To claim, no coupon code is required. You must make a deposit of at least $50 then select the bonus offer from the “Select Your Bonus” section.

The wagering requirement for this 50% match bonus is also 20 times the deposit and the bonus. Using the $50 minimum deposit, you would get a $25 bonus. Add the deposit and bonus together and multiply it by the the 20 times multiply factor. This would make the total wagering requirement $1500 that you would need to playthrough to complete the bonus.

While playing through your wagering requirement, there is a $2 maximum wager per roll on Slots and a $10 maximum wager per hand on all allowed games. Playing non-allowed games like Baccarat, Crap and Roulette will void the bonus and cancel your bonus winnings.

Weekend Deposit Bonuses

For Weekend Deposit Bonuses, they can be claimed Friday through Sunday, as long as it is the first deposit that day. No promo code is required, simply claim the 100% Match offer during the deposit process at the “Select Your Bonus” section, after making the minimum deposit amount.

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