MicSem Media Productions

A Walk Through the Past: Part 2

2010 (122:31 mins) Island Topics #71 HISTORY

This disc continues the historical video segments beginning with World War II. The first three describe the major campaigns fought in Micronesia: the US invasion of the Marshall Islands, the assault on the Marianas, and the attack on Angaur and Peleliu in Palau. The end of the war brought transitions for everyone-the reconstruction work needed everywhere to permit the recovery of the islands, and the long exile of Marshallese as their islands became testing grounds for nuclear bombs. Another set of segments offers a look at life during the Trust Territory: immediately after the war, during the 50s, and then during the 60s, and finally during the 70s when towns rebuilt almost to former pre-war size. The last two video segments track the preparations for self-government and the selection of the early political leaders.

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