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Before It’s Too Late

2006 (17:54 mins) Island Topics #47 HEALTH

Not long ago, the biggest threat to a Micronesian's life was infectious disease. Pneumonia, smallpox, typhoid, TB, influenza – these were responsible for the majority of deaths in Micronesia. But times are changing. These days, most illness is preventable. With regular visits to the doctor, most life-threatening sickness can be stopped in its very early stages, before it gets out of control. This video examines one such preventable disease, cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer is a growing problem in our island societies. The rate of cervical cancer in FSM is already extremely high and every year more and more women die from this disease. In fact, it ranks among the top three killers of women in Micronesia. The sad part is, cervical cancer is completely preventable. This video looks at cervical cancer in the islands and shows women what they need to do to protect themselves. Prevention is the name of the game – so see your doctor, Before It's Too Late.

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