MicSem Media Productions

For the Love of Chuuk: Working Towards the Common Good

2004 (41:34 mins) Island Topics #41 CULTURAL GOVERNMENT

Chuuk, with half of the FSM population, a thriving business sector, and a strong church community, has much to celebrate. On the other hand, the state has also faced two financial crises in the past ten years. Electricity is off-and-on and government services such as health and education are mediocre at best. Chuuk, an island full of wonderful and capable people is having real trouble getting its government to work. What’s going on? Several MicSem staff members tour a number of the island dispensaries to find out what works and what doesn’t. Why does Chuuk have difficulty with issues such as land, enforcement of the rules, and money management? This video takes a look at some of the systemic problems in Chuuk government and puts them in a historical perspective. Chuuk’s traditional political structure, which is quite different from the other three states, may have something to do with where Chuuk is today. Far from using history as an excuse however, this video challenges Chuukese to stand strong, think big, and make Chuuk work again.

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