MicSem Media Productions

Going Yellow

2005 (29:00 mins) Island Topics #46 HEALTH

Local foods are just for old people, right? Who wants to eat taro and breadfruit when there's rice and corn beef available? This video makes the argument that there is more to local foods than meets the eye. Local foods like breadfruit, bananas, taro, and pandanus are very high in vitamins and nutrients and very low in fat and calories. Unfortunately, these local foods, once the centerpiece of any Micronesian table, are increasingly being replaced by salty, sugary, fatty, and generally less nutritious processed and packaged food.

In this video drama, a family used to having rice, ramen, canned meat and cake at every meal begins to learn the benefits of a diet rich in local foods. While mom and grandma are eager to have more yellow foods at the table, dad and the kids are hesitant. Only after a visit from a stranger named Bubba do they begin to see how valuable and important our local foods really are. This light-hearted look at the Micronesian dinner table encourages us to eat and grow local foods and to Go Yellow.

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